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[Pinned] Crafting Calculator

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but I stumbled on this crafting calculator from a Lorebook link:LOTRO Crafting CalculatorIt's pretty simple - enter the amount of an item you want to make in the left box, and start typing in the right box (...
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[Pinned] Crafter available!

Arbeil=SM metalsmithJarbeil=SM Jeweller/SM cook/Belil=SM scholar
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[Pinned] Crafting & Crafted Items Guide

Hey Kin,Crafting OverviewHere is a great over-vew of crafting in LOTRO:LOTRO-Wiki: CraftingCrafted Item GuideHere is a great link to the crafted items that you can get (hopefully from the Kin) for you character as it levels. On this site you can ...
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[Pinned] another helpful link could not figure out how to post it to the helpful link section so here it is. This site lets you know where rare shard drops are........
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If anyone needs something crafted I have a character for all craft skills with Westemnet (maxed) guild rep and can crit Anorien recipes. Just provide the materials.
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Tier 9 Cook Tip

For those of you trying to max your cook if you have the money, make the Ingredient: Venison Sausage. It only uses vendor bought mats, quick way to level it :)
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Guide to Scroll of the Ages

Not my work. Link here:
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Tier 8 Battle/Warding Lore scrolls

My scholar recently got acquaintance with Sutcrofts and now crafts these top tier scrolls.If you have a char (preferably one that raids/skraids with us) that would like a stack of each scroll, free of charge, post up here or shoot Chefspark an em...
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Caution Crafters!

Crafting ingredient packs purchased from the store can and will cause whatever it is you are crafting to be bound to your character. Best to do things the old fashioned way and gather them, buy ingredients from the auction or ask a kinnie :)Cheers...
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Making food for Kin

Hi guys, I recently turned my westfold weaponsmith into a jeweller / cook, because I got over buying food etc from AH. I would love to see OME posting kin only food and other items on AH at preferetnial prices to reflect the fantastic kin we are. ...
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Crafting Tuesdays

Ever wonder how food can enhance your gaming experience? Ever wonder what kind of edge it may give you? Each tuesday, i craft for the kin without charge. Tips are definitly welcome, since the stuff like spices etc that are bought are expensive ...
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Crafting Hall

white dyes? black dyes? drake hide?

Can any Scholar create me white dyes or black dyes? errrr I love my hunter in white but Im not sure if I prefer it white or blac and my toon cannot create that dyes yet.Can anyone borrow me a drake hide? Thanks
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Beginning Jeweler:

Hey everyone,I'm starting to craft. If anyone has any of the following items* to sell, trade or possibly donate I would appreciate your assistance and I would be happy to craft anything you need help with.Items I need:Beryl**Moonstone*As mentioned...
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Looking for Armourer

--that would be kind enough to craft me any of the below items, of course I'll provide the mats and a tip for your time. :)Malledhrim Hauberk of the GloamingMalledhrim Guantlets of the GloamingGlorious Leggings of the Galadhrim or Malladhrim Leggi...
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