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Road to Erebor

Hi this is a double post but I couldn't find the other one to bump up. I'd really like to do the Road to Erebor deeds as I haven't done them. With the announcement of expanding on places like Fangorn in the near future I was thinking it might be a...
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In their Absence - fight dynamics changed and scaled to 85

Hi all,The In their Absence questline has changed and been scaled to 85. From my understanding, this includes the 2 3-mans, 2 6 mans and the raid. As far as I know, you will still need to discover the entrances for each character with which you ...
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Any interest in Moria Instance Runs?

I have noticed we have quite a few new recruits on board lately which is very exciting. And for all of you who just joined, welcome to OME!! I also saw that many of you are in the 50-65 range and was wondering if you would like to do some of the M...
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Hytbold daily quest: Dress Up *SPOILERS*

Quite easily one of the most frustrating of the Hytbold dailies, at least for me. This is the BEST write up (includes map and pictures) for this quest. There are also links to some of the other Hytbold dailies. All credit given to the author, n...
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Deed trains

Hi friendsI saw a kinnie, who shall remain nameless, with a congo line of his own alts on follow, running around doing slayer deeds. Needless to say this is an ingenius solution to mindless slayer deeds for those with more than 1 pc. However why c...
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Mob Quest Drop in Great River

Here is a list i found.....THINGLAD:Enormous Antler - 20.7 64.3 (drop from Oldheart) - "Oldheart"Foul-Maw's Hide - 24.3 60.8 - "Foulmaw"WAILING HILLS:Orders from Dushatar - 24.0 68.3 (inside cave, hanging on a post) - "Finding the Remedy"EORLESMEA...
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Alt Questing

I am inquiring if anyone has alts in the 20's and 30's. I would like to set up a night during the week to quest for a few hours. I could set it up in advance to let everyone know what quests we would be doing, so if your not close to that line, yo...
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Deed Tracking an Old Goat - Solution

Quite a few people were not able to finish that deed as no one really knew it was linked to the whistle, if that's the case for you then finally they resolved it :)As of the last update you can return to Amlan. South Gravenwood 83.1s, 14.5w and pi...
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Medallions of the Northmen and OD armour

Hi friends,I vaguely remember you used to be able to exchange Medallions of the Northmen for OD amour, as well as armour tokens. Now it appears you can only use armour tokens to get the armour pieces. Have they changed this or are my recollections...
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Haunted Burrows Map

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My thoughts

I am bored with all MMO's. It just seems to be the same old same old quest line. Then you get to the end cap and gear up to raid. I am not worried about getting to the end of the game my highest is only 43. I am not saying i am leaving t...
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daytime LT and SS runs

Ok folks im going to start running Lost temple t1 or t2 as well as SS runs each day tues-friday starting at 830am mst. please let me know whos interested. ill put them on the calender asap.
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Asking for help

There are times that some people ask for help in kin chat. Sometimes they ask a simple question, other times they ask for assistance with a quest. Sometime the questions are answered, sometimes they are not.First of all, I don't know anyone that i...
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Day time raids from ncf to od!

As many of you know ive been doing lots of daytime runs from ncf to lost temple. Due to health issues I prob wont be on late nights anymore. Plus the other day I had several say they would like to see day more day time od runs. I am all for "at...
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Hey all ...

Hope everyone is having a great day!! I was off from Wednesday (6/29) through till today (7/3). I played quite a bit some of you may have noticed. I wanted to explain something that happened on the 4th. I got into a group for HoC and we all did ou...
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I'm having a tough time figuring out how to do the mirrors on this. Can anyone post a link for a good guide? Thanks.
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Summer Festival starts today!

Summer Festival starts today! This means you can get your goat...for cheap!By running daily quests with the Ale Association you can work your way up to Kindred with them and get your goat. It's not that hard, and take about an hour of your day. Wh...
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HoN video

Duo run for quickie marks I think.. in new instance.Anyway, again shot in HD, so choose 1080pHD from pull down for full effect.Clickie meGuldur said 5 mins or so... I had to edit it to for 15 min format. We were both a bit 'tipsy'? hehehe
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Carn Dum & Uru

Hey all. I'm looking for others interested in or members willing to help in a run for CD and Uru so I can work on getting class items for level 47 Captain. I'm free T, Th, F, Sun nights and Sat and Sun during the day.
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Need help getting to Gwathryn

i made a boo-boo last night and I'm in need of kin help getting to Gwathryn - who's located in Angmar near Carn dum - 12.2N 32.06. I have tried 4 or 5 times to get to Gwathryn via running/tyring to get lucky by attempting to get there via right ha...
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