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Guides and Walkthroughs for 12 man raids.
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[Pinned] Combat Analysis - Download / Instructions

Essential resource for raiders and a good way to measure damage (dps), heals (hps) as well as how much damage you are taking when tanking (tps)
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[Pinned] T2c - Raid Consumables

Quick reminder that all T2c Raiders are expected to carry the following: - Anorien Athelas Essences (Morale Pots)- Anorien Celebrant Salves (Power Pots)- Anorien Battle Lore (+1000 Phys & Tact Mastery)- Anorien Warding Lore (+1441 Phys & T...
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[Pinned] 18.2 Throne of The Dread Terror (Loot Rules)

TO BE MODIFIED ONCE WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW LOOT DROPS & QTYSIn general, each raid will clearly outline applicable loot rules on the sign up page or at the start of the run.Working with others within the kin I have developed the following loot rul...
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[Pinned] T2C MINIMUM STAT GOALS BY ROLE (as of U18.2)

T2C MINIMUM STAT GOALS BY ROLE (as of U18.2) *Guideline Only*TANK Morale - 50,000 unbuffed Mastery (Physical) - Class dependent Crit Rating - Class dependent Resistance - as much as possible using virtues & food bonuses (30% is good) Crit D -...
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Raid Guide: Throne of the Dread Terror (Initial Tactics)

Raid Guide: Throne of the Dread Terror  June 26, 2016 Dadislotroguides  0 Comment Raid, Throne of the Dread Terror, U18.2Work In Progress … Basics To Get Everyone Started:Boss #1: RakothasT2 Challenge: Use no more than 1 Powder Keg during th...
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Deeping Wall Strategy

I ran a successful DW 12-man, platinum overall, this is the set-up used:5-People on commanders = These will take care of everything around their commander, the hooks/ladders, rock-drop, banners, and their commander. The same formation will be used...
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WTG on a successful BFE t2!!!!!!!

Thanks Mince (and all you guys) for an awesome BFE t2 run last night! I was so pumped that we finally got that down. I look forward to more!!!
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OK, so I was in a farm group today, it is very easy. I can explain it better over voice, so if you wanna know how to do it I can explain it.
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OD Raid rescheduled!!

I am postponing the OD raid for tomorrow as I have to leave town for a few days and won't be able to lead it. I apologize to those that were already signed up and I will try and get it rescheduled for sometime in the next week or so.
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Dear Kinfolk:This is a gentle reminder about some rules of raid etiquette that we tend to forget from time to time. We are all here, first and foremost, to have a good time. We are also getting more serious as a raiding kin, however, and it's impo...
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Fires of Smaug

Bugs Valve closed or open?Read the #5 post in particular. of insanity forums Mechanics
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Lonely Mountain

Hey Kinnies!Let's arm up and go farm the Lonely Mountain 12 man! Supposedly, symbols have been dropping in here, so it would be great if we can get some 1st age Legendary Items for our kin.We'll need a couple of tanks, healers and capts. Everyon...
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Upcoming Barad Guldur T2 Raids

After the changes in loot drops on BG, there is not much point doing them on tier 1 (except as training).If we are about to start doing BG T2, I think we should have some requirements or this will be undo able.For example>Experience: Finish com...
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Ost Dunhoth

A few people have expressed insterest in doing an OD run. I think it is going to be scaled soon but it is currently still at 65. I'm wondering if there are enough people interested in doing it at 65 (might be good practice so that when it gets sca...
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Interest in Draigoch

Hi everyone. I just wanted to see if there was still any interest in doing dragon? I'm still willing to lead it but only if there is enough interest. If there is please jot down something quick here or sign up as the signups are still up. I don't ...
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Hele Thorog / Dragon wing

Well I have run this 3 times now 12 man (PUG) and closest we have got is Thorog down to about 500k. I know the tactics and class mix now but execution keeps letting us down. Would love to do a Kin run and take this lizard down. I know heaps of peo...
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Winding down for RoR

Hey everyone, as people may have noticed runs have slowly been removed from the calendar mostly because of lack of signups and interest with the new expansion just around the corner. I myself and keeping up Dragon thursdays for now and have moved ...
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T2c Lightning Raid Beginning

Hi all, I thought I'd throw this up before starting the official event. Brayce is going to be absent this coming week including next monday, the 23d, and so, with Brayce's support, I've decided to begin working out ToO T2 sort of. We both have bee...
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Twilight ToO Raids

Raid Strategy Development Progression:ToO Wings Strategy Documents:Lightning Wing, Fire & Ice Wing, Shadow Wing, Acid WingToO Saruman Notes: Brayce's Saruman NotesFire & Ice: - Mobs - Developed & Confirmed - Boss - Developed & Conf...
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Tower of Orthanc Wings and Saruman Notes

Here are Brayce's ToO/Saruman notes. If you plan on attending the ToO Wings and/or Saruman runs, please read through the notes before the scheduled raid time. They are open to anyone who would like to attend, but there are some minimum requireme...
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