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[Pinned] Warden Suggestions?

So what traits, stats, gambit rotations? There has to be someone whom is skilled in wardens that can post some useful info here. Heh I have my hobbit warden and he's at lvl 32. You bet your bottom I'm going to level him. Although a bit of advi...
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Warden Gambit Chart

Here is a Gambit chart. It shows all the different gambit combinations visually, with all their effects, buffs/debuffs, and changes based on stance. Since it was updated for the U6 Warden changes, it's kinda busy/complex, but the Warden changes a...
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Testing Video

I am testing my video with fraps. I think if I turn off my AA I can put the capture to full screen and still be able to play at 40+ FPS. I have AA on, and capture at half screen, and was getting around 40-50. I will try a different video on Tuesda...
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