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[Pinned] Important threat Information

Happy Sunday Fellow Guards! was browsing the forums at work and saw some great information on threat in this thread:Threat Tests.Of particular note is the comment by Graalx2, especially where he talks about what skills that threatening presence mo...
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[Pinned] Guardians and Peels

From: Boywess:The Guardian and the PeelsThere was a discussion on Vent the other night about peels and the guard. I thought I’d expand upon it a bit, because it sounds like there’re some questions about it, and maybe open up some discussion on th...
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[Pinned] Playing a Guardian

Here are some useful links that really helped me understand the Guardian role in LOTRO. Enjoy!Overview: LOTRO-Wiki: Guardian < Overview of skills & traits < including what deed you need for your legendariesThe GRD role in a Group: What ...
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lvl85 GRD Stats

Here is an interesting forum thread on where what morle vs mit stats are "good" for a lvl 85 GRD.Forum Link Here
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lvl 75 GRD jewelry

I compiled a list of the jewelry. Please ignore the little notes that say where the jewelry is from.. a bunch of those are wrong, but I forgot to remove them prior to posting this image. It did not include much of the lesser jewelry, but please r...
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Why I love Guardians!!

Check out the videos in this thread....Here
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