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The Armoury

[Pinned] Hytbold Rebuilding and Armor Unlocks

Found this thread and thought it should be put on the site.
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The Armoury

[Pinned] Sharing Cosmetics for your Wardrobe! *UPDATED (8/21)

If you would like to place one of the following cosmetics into your wardrobe... please feel free to ask via in-game, website, or in-game E-mail. Here is a link to look at some items Ale As...
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[Pinned] in-game free item: Hauberk of the Mithril Guard!

goto old but it worksplease if it helps you post a commentthanks
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[Pinned] Raid Gear compared!

Here is a good spreadsheat i found comparing the different sets of raid gear for each class. (go to the bottom of the page and you'll see the different classes.)Link
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The Armoury

[Pinned] Legendary Items (Advancing Your Legendary...)

Legendary Items: Background Information Here are some great links oulining the various aspect of the legendary items in LOTRO:Developer Diary: Legacy Pool Distribution by Class (SoM)Developer Diary: Legendary System Updates(SoM) Legendary Item Ad...
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[Pinned] Armour & Jewelry Set Guide

Here is a great link showing the different Armour and Jewelry sets available at each level:Darzil's LOTRO Crafting GuideEnjoy!
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[Pinned] Weapon Damage Types & Mitigation

While most weapons in LORTO do common damage, weapons can also do Ancient Dwarf, Beleriand, Westernese, Fire, and Light Damage. Similarly, every creature in LORTO has differect resistances to different damage types. For instance, here are the resi...
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The Armoury

[Pinned] Legendary Items: Runic Slot Grinding Guide

Post from Reegaborn:While there are varying opinions on how to achieve Legendary runics to slot here is my humble guide to what has worked best for me in attaining 6 tier 8's:The magic number for me has been level 11 before deconning, that means y...
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The Armoury

Essence advice required!!!

Hello all,It's Rolo here, the one and only.I'm going to share with you a screen capture of my essences. I'm trying to determine what to do with them. I will have my first piece of essence gear in a few days. I want to devote some time and effort t...
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The Armoury

BEFORE You Imbue

Found this in the LoTRO forums. Haven't had time to verify it, hopefully it's accurate. BEFORE you imbue your weapon you can see at the forge-master what will happen to your chosen weapon if you imbue. Take a close look at the legacies. Nothing wo...
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The Armoury

Dol Amroth Silver Pieces

While there are many fantastic rewards along the epic line for the new area (South Ithilien/Ost Giliath) you'll still want to farm the DA silver pieces as often as you can. DA Silver Pieces are used to buy the essence recipes from the DA Quarterma...
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New (upcoming) Imbue Weapons - Tips

Found this guide online and thought some of these tips were very good. Of course it's all in beta still so changes will clearly be made but I think this person covered some good basic tips in preparing to the switch over with our currently 100 LIs...
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The Armoury

Update 12.1 Scaling Instance Loot

Skirmishes are missing, and some pieces are getting changed but... Too much stuff to list here. Check this thread!STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVS!
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The Armoury

Warden armour...

Was wondering if anyone in the kin can craft me a lvl 75 Great River armour set for my Warden. Let me know what the mats are and I'll make sure I get it.Thanks,Adlandir
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The Armoury


I am only a 56 Burglar and I just did GS and Forges for the first time. I know in 21st Hall I can get good gear with the marks, however I could also get gear from Orc-Watch as well. Should I save the marks for the 21st Hall armor since thats the e...
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The Armoury

Where can I post non-public information?

I'm working on some information about the RoR beta, and I want to post some stuff that isn't public. Do we have a place to post stuff that can't be seen by non-members?
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The Armoury

Cool website for comparing your setup your server, and enter your toon's name (spelled correctly, not case sensitive)It will show you some neat comparisons between you, the average toon like you, and the current max on the server! Very Cool, I...
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The Armoury

ToO sets

I am currently working on an Excel book for each class. I may even just do MDB with a GFX front end. But this is what I have so farExcel Sheet Just download it and see if its ok... and please dont ask for bar graphs or pivot tables... I'm not loo...
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The Armoury

Rise of Isenguard, Update 5: lvl 75 Armour Sets

Here are the Update 5 armour sets for each class:Lvl 75 Raid Armour Sets
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