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D&D Neverwinter

Just seeing what server folks were playing on in Neverwinter and if there is an OME in Neverwinter.
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Where would you go?

If LoTRO were to close, where would you go?I, of course, will be incredibly sad to see the game close. I came from WoW, I suspect I would go back there as I have a familiarity with the environment and some of the goofiness of the game.I can't thin...
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Elder Scrolls taking apps for the Beta!!

For anyone interested...head on over and sign up for the beta!!Click Here!Would love to get enough OMEer's that we could create a guild over there when it launches at some point!
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Borderlands series

Currently 2 of them, FPS/RPG style. I just started on Borderlands (original) a couple days ago. Interesting graphics (once I turned it up to 1920x1080), almost comic book like. Combat is snappy for its time (2009?). There is a co-op way to pla...
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I started my gaming career playing FPS type games. Half-Life was AMAZING for its time. I found the Bioshock series much later on in life. Bioshock 1 was trendsetting with its storyline. The final installment, which I just played is EPIC storyl...
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Basic high energy end game productivity in ANY game!'re gonna play you a song, a little bit of rock-n-rollYou gotta let yourself go, the band's gonna take control.We're gettin' down todayWe'll pick you up and take you awayGet down tonightSmokin', Smokin'W...
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Guild Wars 2

Is anyone planning on going to Guild Wars 2? I pre-purchased so I will be checking out the beta this weekend and plan to play for a while as the PvP seems to be a nice change. Its WvWvW PvP. Where basically three servers fight each other in a t...
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Can't Log In Due To Ally Association?

This is because you have not accepted the NEW website thru E-mail.
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OME SWTOR Website Changed

Changed websites by ripping off a mirror image of our LOTRO brothern. Thanks Arb and Brayce! I've linked the two sites with the SWTOR button up top right, and a LOTRO button top right of Star wars website ;)
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Stars Wars (lightning bolt redux)

And now my friends... I give you the return of "Lightning bolt" (wait for the end)!For those that do not know about "Lightning bolt" watch this
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SWTOR: Naddist Server NEED Info!

Hello all,My toons are on Naddist Server. I'd rather play on a PVP server. I've decided to play both Empire and Republic on this server.Republic:XanthosXruptorEmpire:XevanZageedPlease note that I will primarily be playing Republic. I will play ...
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SWTOR Early Download E-mail

I got an email making the game download available for early play. above URl should direct you to where you get the...
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Skyrim - Gameplay Help

I have a couple of questions in game play. 1. How do you outfit your sidekick (ex. Lydia) with better armor (just...have her/him hold it)?2. Anyone have a recipe on true shot (alchemy)?Thanks.
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Skyrim Review

You guys just have to check out this review of Skyrim from my favorite reviewer, Yahtzee. It's a funny, sarcastic, no-holds barred review. *NSFW*
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*All future Star Wars posts please refer to our starwars forums; to those who attended the meeting!This is what was discussed and seemed to fit best to suit all our friends;Outlanders of Mos Eisley will Deploy on ...
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Starwars PVP vs PVE

The guilds are currently set Light side PVE, Dark side PVP. If you want to make a case for PVP or PVE, now is the time... we have 4 days to set them!Now there is an argument to disband pre-guild Dark side, and just build it on whatever server our ...
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Skyrim Characters!

Post your Skyrim characters with a little detail as to what they are. (lvl, race, etc) My level 26 Brenten with the Blade armor set on. I mainly use one hand/shield/heavy armor. But i like using the Thief Guild armor (what my companion has on) and...
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DC Universe is FTP. I DL it last nite. AWESOME into movie and pretty fun. Fully customize toons etc. So go to DC Universe and DL the client and check it out.
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Star Wars Update

Both Alignment sub-guilds are now READY for phase three deployment. All this means is that you will be able to switch back and forth between alignments within the guild (ventrillo, website, etc.) If you wish to do so. Or you can concentrate on one...
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Star Wars

Have been playing the beta mostly on a pve server and so far its not bad. Its like other MMO's just set in a galaxy far far away.
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