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#13028768 Jan 31, 2017 at 01:25 AM
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Hello everyone! Just a little heads up so if you log on you aren't blind-sided and think WTF!? I did a little (ok, a lot) of housecleaning tonight in the roster. It wasn't done out of any kind of maliciousness or because I don't like someone. Basically, for regular kin members, if you haven't logged onto a character in over 300 days (with the exception of the alts of two people I know are currently back) I removed you from the kin. If you want to play and want to stay in OME great! Log on, send a tell and we'll get you back in asap! Again, it wasn't done with any kind of ill-will, it's just depressing when you log in and look at the kin list and see toons that haven't logged onto the server in 300, 600, 900.... and yes, some even 1200 days. We're starting to get a couple of active players and recruiting a little bit and I can't imagine that it looks great when more than half your kinship's roster hasn't logged on in over a year.

Also, if you held an officer position. If you have not logged on in over 30 days, I demoted you to kinsman. Again, this was not done with any kind of ill-intent. I love everyone and would love to see everyone come back. I did it for the same reason above, when new recruits look at our roster I don't want them to see the majority of their leadership team having not logged in recently. Anyone who held an officer position that wants it back, please log in and we'll happily get you promoted. If I'm not on, shoot me a mail! If I am not on and mom (Nanabeth) is on, she can log onto my account and promote you!

I am also posting this on the OME Facebook Page.

Love & Miss you all!

Leah (aka Ainarial)
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