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Raid Guide: Throne of the Dread Terror

 June 26, 2016 Dadislotroguides  0 Comment Raid, Throne of the Dread Terror, U18.2

Work In Progress … Basics To Get Everyone Started:

Boss #1: Rakothas

T2 Challenge: Use no more than 1 Powder Keg during the boss fight.

◾2 groups of 6 stand on either side of the boss.
◾Hemorrhage tiers up on tanks, tanks swap aggro at T4 (roughly every 10 seconds). T5 will result in a wipe …
◾Distributed damage, 5 toons stand on each tank.
◾Adds spawn at every 20% of the boss’s health. Kill adds and go back to DPSing the boss.

Boss #2: Mumaks (Set-Akaji / Arpong-Dokh / Ku-Nerpag)

T2 Challenge: No player can die before the Mumaks are down

◾3 Mumaks in play.
◾Run to far side of the arena directly behind the Mumaks and stand near the rocks.
◾Stay out of targeted circles.
◾If you get a coloured eye, move away from the group but stay in heal range; failing to do so will stun the group.
◾At 10% of each Mumak’s health there will be adds that spawn.
◾When one of the Mumak’s health gets below 55% the adds start spawning every minute in addition to each 10% of their health. Burn each Mumak to 60% and then burn one at a time.
◾Add Order: War-masters > Champions > Archers
◾Chargers come at ? interval; jump on rocks to stay out of their way.

Boss #3: Vadokhar

T2 Challenge: Only kill one type of element (Fire or Gloom)

◾Exuded Gloom – remove their corruptions ASAP.
◾Exuded Flame – remove their corruptions ASAP.
◾Killing a Gloom or Flame near the boss will allow the boss to be damaged (removes negative IC damage buff); only kill them when it is needed.
◾Killing a Gloom or Flame near the boss will buff the boss’s damage; only kill them when it is needed.
◾Killing a Gloom or Flame will cause their puddle to disappear; only kill them when it is needed.
◾Priority Order: Remove Corruptions > Kill Gloom or Flame to remove the negative IC damage buff on the boss > DPS boss

Boss #4: The Unbroken One

T2 Challenge: Remove all corruptions from The Unbroken One before killing any of the 4 mini bosses.

◾Bracers hold The Unbroken One in place (cannot do damage); killing them will release The Unbroken One so corruptions can be removed. The second round of bracers should not be killed; leave them to hold the boss.
◾Once free, all classes spam corruption removals on The Unbroken One.
◾Boss throws down a vortex on the ground periodically; move away from it or it will pull you in.
◾If you get a red eye, stop all DPS until it disappears.

Boss #5: The Woe of Khand / The High Sorcerer of Harad

T2 Challenge: Kill the two bosses within 10 seconds of each other.

◾Keep the two bosses separated; you cannot damage them otherwise.
◾Kill Corrupted Crawlers ASAP.
◾Don’t step on regular crawlers, they will fear you.

Boss #6: Several Bosses

T2 Challenge: Timer?

◾Gothmog (phase 1) – Tank and spank
◾Mordirith – Tank and spank
◾Dread-Beast – Tank and spank; if you get purple eye he will chase you.
◾Amarthiel / Mordrambor –
◾Gothmog (phase 2) –

#12566893 Jul 23, 2016 at 09:27 AM
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Maybe we can try putting both tanks in the same group and all the main dps'ers in the group with the red captain, and possibly have the mini in the dps group switch to yellow line for the massive tactical damage buffs and damage debuff on the boss. The tanks would still be standing on opposite sides of the boss, but the tank group would get the shield brother buffs and the guard mitigation buff and possibly the captain big battle mitigation buff. The dps group would all get the red captain dps buffs and should be able to heal through the bleed with revealing mark and use mini's harmony coda + inspire fellows and and captain's rallying cry to heal the spikes from the distributed attack. So it could look like this:

fellowship 1
Guard (stands with fellowship 2)
yellow captain
blue mini

fellowship 2
red captain
yellow mini (stands with fellowship 1)

I think this setup could potentially make it easier to keep the tanks alive and make dps faster. Maybe worth a try at least.
#12567558 Jul 23, 2016 at 03:31 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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some interesting thoughts Mohanadan.

I like the idea of all the main dps in red captain group and two tanks in one group. Have seen a similar strategy from some teams. Not convinced we would get away with using solo yellow line mini but something to consider (esp. since I am thinking of having 2 minis and an RK healer moving forward and the yellow mini and rk healer would complement each other well potentially).

Kestric and Mojo also did some further analysis and has some thoughts following yesterdays runs.
We'll try a mixture of all your suggestions next Friday.

Thanks for posting - appreciate it.
#12581972 Jul 29, 2016 at 08:12 AM
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I was checking out my combat logs from some throne fights, and it seems like the hemorrhage bleed always tiers up right after he does the distribute attack, which occurs roughly every 10-12 seconds, after I think 4 ticks of the hemorrhage bleed. Then he does his distribute attack again, and if he hits someone that already has the bleed, it tiers up. If he doesn't hit them again, it goes away. I was just in there by myself, so I haven't confirmed the timing of exactly when it expires, but maybe if you time it right, you could have 1 off-tank who only has to pull the boss away from range for a few seconds, right before the bleed on the group expires, then the main tank taunts him back, and the off-tank can stay far enough away that he doesn't ever get hit. I haven't seen any videos of an 11 and 1 strategy, but maybe that is how they do it. I don't think 1 tank by himself could have enough cooldown skills to just stand there and tank the boss for half the fight, unless maybe it was a warden who was always using defiant challenge with 5 mobs around him, so he had >90% mitigation for 12 seconds, or maybe they just expect him to die a bunch of times and keep rezzing him.

Another thing I noticed was that I didn't seem to take any critical hits, which is actually a bad thing for a captain tank because it means you can't speed up the cooldown on shield of the dunedain. Maybe I was just unlucky, though. I'll check some more next time we do it. Also, I didn't resist any of the hemorrhage bleeds, despite having >30% resistance, so maybe it's not possible to resist it.

One other idea: maybe we can try to come up with class-specific best practices for the fight, since we don't have the same people every time. If you have any tips for skill rotations/gear/traits, etc. for your class in that fight that you think other people who play that class could benefit from, feel free to post them here. I have some thoughts for some classes, but I thought maybe those of you who play the class the most could share your thoughts.
#12586161 Jul 31, 2016 at 06:25 AM
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wind lore damage decreases incoming damage ?!

Per our discussion on Friday, here's a link from the lotro forums. I think LM would still want to use wind lore to spread and renew the debuffs, but probably shouldn't spam it.
#12624092 Aug 14, 2016 at 07:23 PM
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I figure I can put down my thoughts on different classes. Feel free to chime in if you disagree or have something to add. I've only played a red captain on t2 but I'm fairly familiar with most of the other classes. If one of your tanks is a captain I recommend putting him in the same group as the other tank and use the bb +10% mitigation jewelry, as noted in my post above. Then put the red captain in the group with your highest dps classes. I know some of my suggestions are maybe a little unorthodox, but I think it's necessary to think outside of the box to get the most out of your class and beat the most difficult content.

If there are 2 captains 1 should have 20% revealing mark armor and use revealing mark. The other should trait red and use telling mark. Both captains should trait for double in-combat rez. Use herald of hope. For maximum dps buffing I recommend the red captain wear 4 pieces of moors command armor for +10% incoming damage and 2 pieces of ToO armor for oathbreakers reset. Use jewelry to get to overcapped physical mits and 40k+ morale. Make sure attack duration buff and rallying cry damage buff are up before the fight starts, either via minstrel's call to greatness or your own time of need. Use all your dps buffs as soon as possible and pop oathbreakers once all your buffs are active. Tell people when you're using oathbreakers so they can use their big dps skills at the same time. If you get a defeat response, try to save your rallying cry for when your fellowship gets hit by the distribute attack. Use your dps buffs again as soon as they're off cooldown. Keep up attack duration and crit buff and rallying cry buff the whole fight. At least one of the captains should trait for the grave wound incoming healing debuff.

Trait for mischief maker. Use at least 2 pieces of osgiliath mischief-maker's armor. Make sure you have maxed reveal weakness legacy and maxed trick duration legacy on your LI's. Put reveal weakness on boss immediately, use trickster to get double enrage on the boss. keep quite a snag debuff on boss at all times. Altogether that adds up to I think 31.2% extra incoming damage on boss. It's like a permanent oathbreakers. Don't remove tricks on the boss. when the last set of adds come, try to use your 2-target riddle on defilers, then ready and able, then riddle two more. Learn where the adds are going to come from so you can be ready to mezz them before they get into aoe range.

trait yellow. use the +5% SOP: see all ends crit chance armor. use raven pet for fire mitigation debuff. keep sticky tar down as much as possible. keep warding lore down as much as possible. Keep fire lore and SOP:command on the boss at all times and as many of the adds as possible. target through the boss and use water lore on whoever the boss is hitting. keep beacon of hope heal ticking. coordinate with burglar on what you should cc. coordinate with captain to use ancient craft and SOP: sae during the first oathbreakers, and whenever off cooldown after that. Figure out where to expect the adds to come from so you can mezz them before they get into aoe range of the group.

before the fight starts, swap to yellow line with enough red to get +10% tactical damage on anthem of war. Use cry of the chorus and 3 anthems of war and call to greatness, then swap back to blue line before the fight starts. keep up 1 anthem of war for the group along with anthem of the 3rd age for yourself throughout the fight. Heal like crazy. keep up 3 soliloquy of spirits on whoever the boss is hitting. If you target through the boss you will always be healing the person he is attacking. Consider using the Featured instance armor to stack inspire fellows. At least one kin mentioned on the forums that they completed the raid with one of their mini's traited yellow. Theoretically, if you arrange the groups like in my post above, it seems like it could work as far as keeping the raid alive, and it would definitely add a lot to dps. Revealing mark heals would be absolutely essential with that setup.

use DNFTD on someone before you enter the instance, then use it on someone else when it resets as you enter. refresh it on your first person when it expires. Let the raid know who you put it on. If someone dies, let everyone know immediately whether they have DNF or not so rezzes aren't wasted. You are the main dps'ers in the fight. Maybe someone who plays a runekeeper can add some more tips as far as gear, rotations, etc.

It definitely seems like bringing a hunter to this fight is a significant handicap, since their dps is far below a runekeeper. Hopefully the upcoming buffs happen sooner rather than later. If there is a hunter, they can start in yellow line, put down all the traps before the fight starts. The triple trap gives a nice incoming damage debuff. Change back to red before combat. You can use swap armor from Dol Amroth for burn hot at the beginning and swap clicky jewelry from Lothlorien for extra 10% crit chance. Swap back to your normal gear before you get into combat. Consider using HS reset armor and traiting for HS incoming heal debuff.

Get your fortification buff to max as soon as possible. Don't forget to use war chant whenever it's off cooldown. Make sure combat movement assistance is not enabled. Pay attention to your hemorrhage bleed. When it disappears force taunt the boss to your side. When the other tank has aggro, put shield wall on the squishiest person in the other group. Use aoe shield smash to interrupt/stun adds whenever possible. I don't think any of the boss' special attacks can be avaoided, so don't count on juggernaut or pledge to save you. In fact, for that reason it might be worth considering traiting yellow for extra debuffs and reducing damage on the rest of the raid. You can get +10% miss chance, -10% damage, and -2835 armour on the boss and nearby adds. If you trait yellow, time your aggro swaps so that you always have redirect active when he's hitting you. So you would tank for 10 seconds and the other tank would tank for 20 seconds out of every 30 seconds. Guards, feel free to chime in here.

Trait yellow for rend. Make sure you have maxed rend debuff legacy. Trait far enough into blue for aggressive exchange and horn of champions. Try to think of yourself as more of a debuff/support dps class in this fight rather than a primary dps class. rend and blade wall debuffs should be on boss all the time. If you are aoeing everything anyway, keep an eye on the warriors' health bars. When they get their dying rage buff or whatever it's called, stun them and let the group know to kill them asap. Any more input from champs would be welcome. It's possible to trait yellow and still get horn of champions debuff and go all the way to champion's duel in red for even more debuffing. It might be worth trying.

I know some groups have completed t2c with a warden as one of the tanks. They can add a lot more dps while tanking than captains or guards, and they can have 90+% mitigation for 12 seconds if there are 5 adds around them, so if someone has a good warden that wants to tank, I think it could work. They can also use the featured instance armor to debuff the boss's mitigation even more. If we use a warden tank, we could have the other tank hold him ideally until the first set of adds comes. Then the warden would taunt them after that whenever his hemorrhage bleed is gone and he has defiant challenge off cooldown. Use warning shot and the mitigation debuff skills whenever they're off cooldown. Consider traiting far enough into yellow to get the adroit maneuver induction buff. That's a major buff to all the casters in the group. It would probably take a bit of practice to figure out a good rotation for this fight, and how much dps vs. how much self-healing/buffing, but a warden tank seems like a viable option to me.

I think I played a beorning to level 20 or something, then got tired of it. If any beornings want to come, let us know how you could contribute.

I hope this at least sparks some discussion about ways we can get the most out of our class in this fight. If nothing else, I would appreciate some response so I know I'm not just talking to myself. :)

#12627256 Aug 15, 2016 at 09:12 PM
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So it is possible for a champ to get rend debuff, champion's duel, horn of champions and aggressive debuff. But it seriously destroys a champ's dps and makes an aoe traited champ more single target with bad dps. I am more than willing to trait and try next time we go. I would have to experiment and make sure one debuff didn't override another but if the damage debuff would help, it can be done.
#12634270 Aug 18, 2016 at 08:00 AM
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I don't mean to sound like I'm telling people what to do. I'm not the leader. I just thought it would help if we kind of brainstorm and discuss how to get the most out of each of our classes, so I was throwing out my thoughts, and I was hoping to elicit some more tips from other people so we can all learn from each other.

I just found this nugget on the minstrel forum: link Pavlosh mentions that his kin (not sure what kin he's in but they've apparently cleared at least most of the raid t2c) uses a dps group with yellow mini, captain, and 4 rk's for bosses 1, 3, and 5 of Throne t2c, so it's obviously possible.
#12664485 Aug 28, 2016 at 08:30 PM
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Yellow guardian discussion
Some discussion here from people who have successfully done Rakothas t2c on guardian builds. Yellow guardian seems preferable to me for this fight because the guard isn't getting hit (at least not by the boss) all the time, and he can have redirect active for the times when he is getting hit, while also reducing the damage that his group takes and increasing the damage the boss takes.
#12682126 Sep 04, 2016 at 11:06 PM
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"morale damage" This might be the answer to the question I was trying to figure out. Maybe we can test it next time we run this? It occurs in t1 also, so it's probably easier to test it in t1. I've always been in a hurry to run back to the group after I got kicked so I never noticed it, but supposedly there's a debuff that causes big damage to your group if you run back too fast.
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