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#10887904 Apr 04, 2015 at 07:01 AM
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All in beta right now, lots of work needs to be done. (creeps luck does not favor you at the moment, but have hope! I suspect they are just dealing with one side at a time.)

As I suspected the inbued weapons will likely be level 100 only. (does't matter what age, 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

My suggestion is until these new weapon changes are implemented that you save your gold, mithril, marks, medallions, tp etc and leave your weapons as they are if you are having reasonable survivability.

3 new instances, two 3 man and a 6 man which pleases me.

They are adding more stables in Gondor, which will be handy.

Tweaks will be made to all freep classes.

I am hoping they will revisit scaling older instances and add more 3 mans to the big battles but so far no luck in that area. Not even a hint of a new pvmp map yet.

Here's the thread link should anyone be interested. :)

Kelraenil - Level 105 Red Line DPS Hunter/Tailor
Kelbjorn - Level 79 Heal Beorning/Scholar
Adularia - Level 100 Tank Guard/Yeoman (with heavy focus on yeoman lol)
Tempestiel - Level 61 RK - Weaponsmith

I have crafting alts for all professions, will help if I can with any crafting though I might need special items for optimal output on the item. (i.e. I'm totally out of Emerald Shards for that tier)
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