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Hello everyone! Just a little heads up so if you log on you aren't blind-sided and think WTF!? I did a little (ok, a lot) of housecleaning tonight in the roster. It wasn't done out of any kind of maliciousness or because I don't like someone. Basi...
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Raiding Room

[Pinned] Combat Analysis - Download / Instructions

Essential resource for raiders and a good way to measure damage (dps), heals (hps) as well as how much damage you are taking when tanking (tps)
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Raiding Room

[Pinned] T2c - Raid Consumables

Quick reminder that all T2c Raiders are expected to carry the following: - Anorien Athelas Essences (Morale Pots)- Anorien Celebrant Salves (Power Pots)- Anorien Battle Lore (+1000 Phys & Tact Mastery)- Anorien Warding Lore (+1441 Phys & T...
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Guild News

[Pinned] Checking In/Welcome!

Hi Everyone-We have had a lot of changes in OME recently and I wanted to make sure everyone old and new is in the loop.OME is a friendly kin that focuses on a place where people can level and work on getting raid ready with the support of kin memb...
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Raiding Room

[Pinned] 18.2 Throne of The Dread Terror (Loot Rules)

TO BE MODIFIED ONCE WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW LOOT DROPS & QTYSIn general, each raid will clearly outline applicable loot rules on the sign up page or at the start of the run.Working with others within the kin I have developed the following loot rul...
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Raiding Room

[Pinned] T2C MINIMUM STAT GOALS BY ROLE (as of U18.2)

T2C MINIMUM STAT GOALS BY ROLE (as of U18.2) *Guideline Only*TANK Morale - 50,000 unbuffed Mastery (Physical) - Class dependent Crit Rating - Class dependent Resistance - as much as possible using virtues & food bonuses (30% is good) Crit D -...
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[Pinned] Multiboxing
Game and Website Technical Support

[Pinned] Multiboxing

As some of you know I multibox as do others in the kin. With the advent of free-to-play, anyone can multibox. The program I use is HotkeyNet which allows you to send commands to multiple windows. To use this be sure to...
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Game and Website Technical Support

[Pinned] UNINSTALL - Pando Media Booster!!

Chances are that if you've downloaded the client from the LOTRO Turbine website that you have Pando Media Booster installed as well.Pando Media Booster remains installed on your computer and eats your bandwidth!!!IT WILL CONTINUE TO LOAD ON WINDOW...
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Training Hall

[Pinned] Big Battle Guides

Videos of each of the 5 different Big Battles. Great way to get a sneak peek and even some tips.
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LOTRO Exansions, Updates, & Patch Notes

[Pinned] Helm's Deep Sneak Peek

A nice sneak peek here:The determined defense of Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's DeepLet's start with the bullet points: Helm's Deep (officially Update 12) will contain five new zones, three additional books for the epic story, 300 quests, a 10-l...
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[Pinned] Epic class loots
Trophy Room: Loot Compendium

[Pinned] Epic class loots

Document in progress here:
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Training Hall

[Pinned] Virtues, Traits, and Deeds

Here are some great links to explain Traits, Virtues, and Deeds.LOTRO Game-Guide to TraitsLOTRO Game-Guide to DeedsLOTRO Game-Guide to VirtuesHere are two amazing link to help you decide which virtues you need, and which deed are needed for them.....
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Training Hall

[Pinned] Rohan Warband Info

The Wold Solo warbands (dailies award Item:Blue Box of Wold Spoils): [77] Warband: Cinder - A huge Salamander with two allies (Minions) - Typically found near Venomtongue in the Seething Mire west of Harwick. [77] Warband: Hanrun - A large, saddle...
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The Armoury

[Pinned] Hytbold Rebuilding and Armor Unlocks

Found this thread and thought it should be put on the site.
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[Pinned] Hytbold Quests
LOTRO Exansions, Updates, & Patch Notes

[Pinned] Hytbold Quests Mead Hall: Rebuild (25) - Edgal [no rep] - [Shoulderpads of the Hytbold Spear]----- The Mead Hall: Outdoor Enhancements I (5) - Edg...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

[Pinned] Terms commonly used and their meanings.

I have been looking around the forums these past 2 days now and have come across a few abbreviated terms that I used to know, but can't remember now.Like: PUGS. and then you guys are talking about some raids but using two letters to identify them....
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[Pinned] Plugins
Plugins & LUA

[Pinned] Plugins

I thought I'd open up a section on Plug-ins so we can share who's using what.Here are some background threads on Plug-ins from the Lotro Forums Lua UI Plugins in LOTRO How to use Lua UI plugins You can find a ton of plugins at www.lotrointerface....
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[Pinned] Forum Signatures
Game and Website Technical Support

[Pinned] Forum Signatures

So you want to use the lotro signatures when you post. Here's how you do it.Go to the lotro official forums and log in. Then click user cp. Then click edit signature. Choose the character you want displayed. Then choose your avatar. Copy the code ...
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[Pinned] Champions style

[Pinned] Champions style

Ok. anyone got any suggestions for a champion? i just got mine to level 42 and enjoying the class. but im not sure if there is a best way of doing it. I havent been using exchange of Blows and flurry much and was wondering if i should use those be...
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Training Hall

[Pinned] Corruption Removal

Melee removals:Captain: Improved Blade of Elendil - melee hit, one corruption requires two previous skills - 30s CD in essenceHunter: Improved Dazing Blow - melee hit, 5s mez, three corruptions, 1min CD (Can trait for 50s CD, but no one traits tha...
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