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Throne of The Dread Terror (T2c)

Date: Aug 06, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Kestric
Category: Day Time (EST, CST)

Please Note: Signing up to the raid does not automatically guarantee a place. You must be suitably geared. The raid leader will select the best group composition from all available players in order to maximise chances of completing content.

Please sign in at least 15 minutes before the start time, so that the raid leader can organize the party and ensure that the raid starts on time.

Please respect your fellow raiders. If you are experiencing lag (and cannot resolve by resetting your PC), please let the raid leader know and drop group. We realize how frustrating this can be. No one is to blame. However, it is unfair to hold 11 people hostage (their time, repair costs, etc.) due to one person's computer/latency problems.

Combat analysis is REQUIRED and will be used to assess potential DPS/latency issues (should these arise).

Runs usually last 2-3 hours. If you cannot commit to the entire raiding session, please let the raid leader (Mirk) know beforehand.

Class composition will vary for each boss fight. Multiple builds are often required in order to adapt to the various situations (bosses) within this raid.


  • 2x Captains (Yellow) ........ 80k morale unbuffed, + 2nd block/parry/evade build (32% partial for each) with 70k morale
  • 2x Ministrels ................... min 50k morale unbuffed
  • 1x Warden ...................... min 27k morale unbuffed (14k dps build on Filikul unbuffed), 60k morale tank build (2nd-3rd boss only)
  • 1x Captain (Red) ............. min 50K morale unbuffed, Oathbreaker reset, yellow line for 2nd boss
  • 4x RKs ........................... min 27K morale unbuffed, 85K Tact. Mast., 16k dps on Filikul unbuffed
  • 1x LM (Yellow) ................. min 45K morale unbuffed, with relevant armour sets and legacies
  • 1x Champ (Yellow) .......... min 27K morale unbuffed, 85K phys. mast., 10k dps on Filikul unbuffed
  • 1x Burglar (opt) .............. min 45K morale unbuffed, reveal weakness maxed
  • 1x Guard (opt) ................ min 60k morale unbuffed, for 2nd-3rd boss only


Against level 108 T2:
20,790 (19,349 + scrolls) for light,
23,049 (21,608 + scrolls) for medium,
25,281 (23,840 + scrolls) for heavy.


The following is a list of essentials consumables all end game raiders should be carrying in their bags when turning up to raids:

- Anorien Athelas Essences (Morale Pots)
- Anorien Celebrant Salves (Power Pots)
- Anorien Battle Lore (+1000 Phys & Tact Mastery)
- Anorien Warding Lore (+1441 Phys & Tact Mits)
- Westemnet Hope Tokens (+6 Hope)
- Superior Feasts of Anorien (+144 all main Stats)
- Superior Anorien Bean and Tater Soups (+Resistances)
- Seven-Star Stews (+ morale & power regen)
- Anfalas Conhuith Draughts (Fear Pots)
- Anfalas Healing Draughts (Wound Pots)
- Anfalas Lhinestad Draights (Disease Pots)
- Anfalas Milkthistle Draughts (Poison Pots)
- Class Specific Items e.g. Fire/Light Oils for Hunter, Orange Enamels for RKS

We are very lucky to have Ingredient Crates at our Kinhouse which make it easy to get Free Ingredients Packs to Craft these items with minimal effort.


At this time we strongly recommend that the following additional consumables be used by raiders for this raid:

- Attack Tome (+5% Melee/Ranged/Tactical Damage) for 1hour 30 mins .............. approx. 3-5 gold each on Auction House
- Defence Tome (-10% Melee/Ranged/Tactical Damage) for 1hour 30 mins .......... approx. 8-15 gold each on Auction House
- Rejuvenation Pot (additional morale pot for emergency self heals) ....................... approx. 50 silver to 1.5 gold each on Auction House
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