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The Moors (PVP)

moors runs anyone?

Hiya - I know very little about the Moors except that Laggy's Capt has 2 pieces of gear that gives him a 6 second rallying cry and my capt wants it too!So...if we're on and people are bored and not doing some other kin run, can you please take me ...
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The Moors (PVP)

I want my PvE!

Isengard is almost upon us. That means preparing for the new content in different ways so we all get off to a good start on the journey to Orthanc. For myself, I am attempting to accumulate as many quests as possible to save for turn-in after RoI ...
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Curufindir10855Small Arthoraran 5y
The Moors (PVP)

All Hail Master At Arms Gyneth!

Congrats on making Rank 8, Gyn! Well deserved for one of the hardest working and best healing Minstrels in the Ettenmoors. Now on to rank 9 and a spiffy Black Horse!/salute
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The Moors (PVP)

Congrats on Rank 11 Curufindir!

After years of hard work, our very own Curufindir has finally made Rank 11 ;)Congrats on a great accomplishment!
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The Moors (PVP)

There will be blood...

...and lots of it.That is my conclusion after reading the freep and creep dev diaries and getting a brief glimpse last night of some of the changes in store for freep classes in general when Isengard releases. I've seen some speculation that freep...
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The Moors (PVP)

Moors Dynamics for New and Casual Moors Visitors

Lately there has been interest on creep and freepside for people wanting more information. Two good sources for basic and a little more in depth information are and http://www.theblackap...
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The Moors (PVP)

Congrats to Katism, Turleg, and Gyneth on their new ranks!

All hail Lieutenant Katism (Rank 10), High Warden Turleg (Rank 9) and Master Guardsman Gyneth (Rank 7).Well done, folks :D
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The Moors (PVP)


As much as it pains me to say this to a creep..........Grats on Rank 10 Aggro/Elyske
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Katzriala4517Small Curufindir 6y
The Moors (PVP)

New changes to pvp for creeps

Kelsen,Creepside Q&A Now that the stat info has been released I'm able to speak more freely about some of the additional changes you'll be seeing in the Moors. Finesse: Q. Will Creeps have access to finesse and what does this mean? ...
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The Moors (PVP)

Congratulations on Rank!!!!

Congrats on Rank 8 Mince!!!!!!!Congrats on Rank 8 Yorinbald!!!!!!!
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Katzriala8675Small Turleg 6y
The Moors (PVP)

I tried to be clever, but Turbine was onto me...

So, many of you that are in the Moors semi-often have probably seen me out there. I try to get out every week night into raids. I know Kat and I are usually together out there, oppressing the evil ones. :D So I decided I would give my hand at the ...
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