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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

[Pinned] Terms commonly used and their meanings.

I have been looking around the forums these past 2 days now and have come across a few abbreviated terms that I used to know, but can't remember now.Like: PUGS. and then you guys are talking about some raids but using two letters to identify them....
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

18.2 - Release Notes Release NotesNew Raid: Throne of the Dread TerrorThe Enemy's grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mo...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

For Snorri!

New raiding t-shirt
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)


Good stuffHow to Post on a forum
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

I like turtles

No i really do
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

60 Cap and Moria Raiding!

The new content has been dry and there is not much happening. I've heard some kins are capping characters at 60 and doing some moria content! Please take a vote (yes or no) if you would be interested in this! I will still be posting endgame every ...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Scaled Instance Teal drops
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Posting Runs

Hey guys, we have a FULL calender this week, which is great! Here are a few things about posting runs that a lot of people don't know or don't always think of.1. ANYONE can post a run, these are not reserved just for officers (though those who reg...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

moving on

Hi All,I wanted to let you know I ran into 5 old friends who are in an active kin together and I have decided to pull all of my toons out of OME and join up with them on their adventures.I would still love to play with all of you, of course. I wi...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)


It was a difficult choice, but I have decided to pull my characters out of OME. Rather than a long story, I want every one of you to know.... I love you all.
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Lvl 95 12 man Skraids

Dropping some nice stuff...Get leveled and we can squeeze some in between BBs. The Moria skirms seem to be dropping SA symbols and crystals again.Lock and load folks! FUN way to hang with kin and earn seals! :)*edit* to add that when enough folk...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

2013 Yule Festival

Here is a link to the 2013/2014 Yule Festival. Thought it might be handy :)
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Happy Holidays from Laz & Malf!

Greetings everyone! Malf and I will be absent until after the Christmas Holidays. Between holiday parties for work and then going out of town for the actual holiday, we will not be on much. If you need anything at all please send me a message thro...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Gaming/Sci Fi Alternative Videos

These guys have some great videos...Skyrim: Modern Dovahkiin Mario Brothers Parkour Jedi
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Raids/Runs and Junk! POLL

Please pick which content you would like to see in my new and upcoming Classic Raid Night! The input is appreciated :)- ThanksLaura
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

A Different Kind of Holiday Movie

Though Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (original Claymation) is my favorite holiday movie, I also enjoy other classics such as Miracle on 34th Street and many more. However, there is a darker side to the holiday season and I thought I'd share a dif...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

First all kin Big Battle raid

Wow. First let me say it was so cool to run a 12 man full kin run again! 2 folks got left out cuz we were already full, so attendance is not an issue. Sign up on this events calendar for first invite! 8 months ago we could field 2 raids at a ...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

We're Not Ignoring You - HONEST :)

Big Battles are new for all of us and until most of us gain experience in them they tend to be sort of intense.I personally do not see kin chat, hear ims and am not capable of answering questions either in chat or vent while doing a BB unless the ...
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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

Malf and Laz's new "character"

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Around the Fire (General Discussion)

This was a lotro bug, love it!
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