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Weatherstock 8 has begun!

Hi y'all! If you need a break from questing today and have a toon on Landroval, come join Pratzter and I and our band Department of Harmony and Song as we play in our first Weatherstock finals! We'd love to have you there!OME love to all!Leyrica (...
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Leyrica2395Small Laz 333d
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Still Active?

This kin is still active, huh? How is the member base these days?
Member avatar small Meleus 3y
Meleus2624Small Chefspark 3y
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Greetings from Landroval!

I saw a thread on this forum that mentioned my HotKeyNet script for use with multiboxing Lotro. Since HotKeyNet closed their forums this past year, I have decided to recode and improve on the multiboxing utility.I will put up a website for it soo...
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Cardinal Ximinez1665Member avatar small Cardinal Ximinez 4y
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How do I move from Guest Priviledges Only to...fill citizen?

Hi friends,Having been frustrated lately with missing out on all of the Kin raids, largely due to different TZ, partially due to me not bothering to register on the I am! I can see that I have "Guest Priviledges Only " do I ...
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Kinship app

Hello ) I submitted an app to your kinship. Been checking status for several days, it says accepted but I have no invite ingame ? Is there something else I need to do ? thanks in advance )
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Zotarr2398Small Arbeil 5y
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My deepest apologies...

Hullo Kin!Please accept my apologies for my abrupt, prolonged, unexplained and unforgiveable abscence. RL has kept me away from gaming for some months, now. I kept planning to be back sooner, but one thing led to another...time flies.I'll be ret...
Small Jorgson Boringfoot 5y
Jorgson Boringfoot8806Small Jorgson Boringfoot 5y
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That Snorri Guy?

Who ever that Snorri Guy is... he's freaking crazy, the guy is simply off his meds! Seems like the kinda of kin I would love!
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Johny Appleseed5616Small Faerr 5y
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Women in OME

I hear there's a ton of Women in your Kin? Basically its where all the females go to hide! I'm asking for an invite now!
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Nerfherder5585Small Faerr 5y
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