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Yay, new computer!

The untimely death of my desktop right in the middle of Tuesday's VM run prompted me to build a new computer much sooner than I had anticipated. I built my old Core 2 system back in the summer of 2007 so I could start playing LOTRO. It never gav...
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Preliminary Release Notes: Volume III, Book I

Here are the preliminary release notes for the upcoming book release:Release Notes
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i was wondering how to set up a possible SG run on the calendar, now as a basic member am i allowed to do this? i was asking because i dont get to play that often and when i knew i could get online, it would be benefical to me and the kin. so we c...
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Adenwine3378Member avatar small Allykiira 7y
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Raid links and or info on runs.

Hey everyone glad to be here. I have a suggestion for people like me who are otherwise new to the game. Is it possible to link the raid or mob information to the raid listings on the calender? I don't have a clue what some of the acronyms even sta...
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Rolotomasi's Optional Point System for DN Raiding

DN Point System:Each of the 4 sub bosses downed is worth 100 points!Blind One is worth 150 points!Mistress is worth 150 points!Only jewelry & radiance pieces can be bid on with points! Everyone is going to be able to reference this thread to c...
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Lottery & Skirmish/PvMP Leader Boards (Order of Middle Earth)

You can also click on any character in the lists and totally invade their privacy, scoping their Leader Boards; Leader Boards;http...
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Themed turtle run-Still room to join!

Hey guys we have 5/12 now for the RK/Guard turtle run. We have our Guard so we are looking for the rest of the runekeepers! Come out and have some fun! Whatever happens it will be sparkley :P
Small Arbeil 8y
Arbeil4420Small Brayce 7y
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Raid Length Limits

I was thinking that time limits should be applied to raids. For example, DN if done with an experienced group and minimal AFKs can be done in 2-3 hours. In practice though, I've seen it stretch to 5+ hours. For many of us, its hard to have fun ...
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Need anything crafted?

Hello Kin,I just wanted to let everyone know, I am able to craft most any item that you may need. I have mastered every tier of every profession, amongst all my alts. So if you need anything (armor, jewelry, food, weapons, pots, etc) just feel f...
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Something new to try...

So i was driving to school today and a song came on the radio that i haven't heard played in some time. Click MeWhen i last logged onto Lotro, i saw an update saying that xfire was having a video contest for err videos. I thought to myself.. This ...
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noticed a raid on the calender, is there something special u need to join that? is there a place to sign up? i would really like to try that raid as i have never done it.
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Adenwine2283Small Guldur 7y
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Some videos that me and my friends made

I'm putting on the link for you guy to check out because we want more people to see what they think about what we do with the videos. The only thing to look at is the comedy on it and if you want to see who I am ...
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Lots of Changes going on/Welcome Eriador's Army members!

Just wanted to take a moment to say hey to all our new members coming in from Eriador's Army. We're proud you've decided to make your home with us, and look forward to hanging with you.I know there have been a lot of changes going on. There are ...
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I can see there is allot of change here, but after a lil while all becomes normal

I just wanted to say hello to all in this large and new guild which is new to me. I have been in for a week and have seen many come and go and can tell that this is a great guild and morphing into another possibly something greater. I just want to...
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Kin Merger

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that I have been speaking with Brayce from the Kinship Eriador's Army. They have expressed an interest in coming over to join our kin, with the hopes of finding a permanent home with a larger player base. A...
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Arbeil7754Small AnjaNoraen 7y
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OME changes

Hi everyone, I know that we had a lot of in and out activity with members over the last few days. Don't be alarmed, the goal for the kin is the same as always. A mature friendly place for people to level and have fun together. Just like anything t...
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dont know if this is the section or if where i posted last time, would like to get done the book quest 2.6.8 please.
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Skirmish Leader Boards

Skirmish Leader Boards;
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Dev. Diary Compendium - Mirkwood

To best view this, click the top on the box with the title of the article. The front page view skews how the text should display.Here is a list of all Mirkwood related dev. diaries, for your viewing pleasure. Get caught up on what to expect!Main...
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Mirkwood Release Notes

Get the patch notes Here
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