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St Patrick's Day Fights (Sparring Tourney)

****** WINNERS WILL BE AWARDED A SECOND AGE CLASS ITEM PER CLASS, AND THE OME OVERALL CHAMPION! ******The tourney will spand over 2 week-ends, splitting up the weight classes. And on the final day of the tournament the winners of each class will ...
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Hitler's kinship in the moors and a couple of others

More videos to get you laughing - here are 3 that Iubdan led me to last night :) These are for those of you who enjoy the moors:Hitler brings his kinship to the moors complains about the Mirkwood e...
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Helegrod vs. Annuminas

I’ve been grinding lib/school lately to put together a set of Helegrod armor. I’ve gotten three pieces and now I’m wondering whether or not the Annuminas set is better for Guardians. Are there any thoughts? Also is it more difficult to get Annu...
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OME is now accepting applications for officers!

We need officers for the following : Day/Evening hours eastern so ranging from 7am to 11pm, and twilight hours ranging from 12 midnight to 7am which is eastern hours. If you are available for any of these times ( certainly not expecting someone to...
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Class Quest Items from CD and Uru

Below is a list of the unique Class Items from CD and Uru and how many of each we have in the Kin House.To request one of these items, please ask an Officer to help you out. (Officers: Downstairs chest on left side of house)Upon receiving the item...
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Fun stuff

LOTR movie outtakes: and in case you haven't seen it - Born of Hope - allow about an hour:
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How Embarrassing

Who is that falling.... hmmmmmmmm
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SPOILER - Upcoming LI Changes

So, finally someone has put together an easy-to-understand explanation of the changes to the LI system in Update 2.Link to LOTRO Forum Post
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i HAVE 25 BETA BETA KEYS FOR THE RIFT.THIS IS FOR OUR GUILD ONLY! VIP BETA KEY! Many of you have asked for keys to get your guilds into the RIFT beta, and we hear you! As a special thank-you for subscribing to the newsletter, here is a VIP beta ke...
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DN- New raider group forming

Hey guys, I have decided to take a stab at leading some DN raids. I have gone on many runs with my LM, however I don't have actual raid leading experience. So I thought it might be fun to get some new people together and start knocking it out. I h...
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Ost Dunhoth (SPOILERS. Do NOT read unless you want to know what lurks in the depths..)

This is THE Raid to end all raids. It is far greater in difficulty then any we have faced, but yet at the same time it is the most FUN of any raid I've witnessed. It has 3 wings, 2 trash pulls before each boss, 2 bosses per wing. Currently on Bull...
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For Tolkien fanatics - a college course and podcasts

I'm loving these Podcasts:
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My new favorite SNL digital short

Topic not appropriate for the underage or fragile ears.
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Double Rainbow

First watch this (it gets worse towards the end):Then this wonderful auto-tune version:
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This things kinda cool; or; or; and; http://l...
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Elyske's Brother thinks its called World of Warcraft..

she meant LOTRO canceled!betrayed!Elyske A.K.A. Stephen wants a chicken nugget!Royal Mounted Police! ELYSKEs fricken crazy!
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A couple of LOTR fan films

The Hunt for GollumThe script is adapted from elements of the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. The story follows the Heir of Isildur; the "greatest huntsman and traveller in Middle Earth" as he sets out to find the creature Gollum. The creatur...
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Its just around the cornerBut at least we know the fate of snarf.THUNDERCATS
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jeez i got this beta invite for this game it looks sort of cool http:/ worth having a look at.
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