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[Pinned] Volume III, Book1, Patch 1

Here are the patch notes for the upcoming Book 1 patch: Link
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[Pinned] Volume III, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers!

Here is the compilation of note for the upcoming book!Volume III, Book 1: Oath of the RangersVolume III, Book 1: OverviewVolume III, Book1: Official Release NotesVolume III, Book 1: Crafting UpdateVolume III, Book 1: Skill Upgrades (Lvl 64 Skills)...
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Sorry I missed the run last night!

Sorry I wasn't there last night for the ToO run. I am down with a bug. I went to bed to get some rest before the run and never woke up! LOL I hope you guys took him down!
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The 'Word' Game (Updates)

Every so often the kinship plays the 'Word' game in kinship chat. The rules are simple, just reply with one word and only one word that goes with the previous word (as if you were forming a sentence). New sentences are made put together to form ...
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DN ??

any DN runs planned for sept?
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School of Tham Mirdain

I'm trying to find a video (youtube or elsewhere) that give you the correct way to weed out the trash mobs before taking on Commander Târsh. I'm not sure who to hit exactly (and where they are at in the room) without starting the fire sequence for...
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The 'B Team' of raiders

Simple post up to see how many are willing to commit to a once a week raid schedule to run the high end OD stuff to prepare for RoI.We have no leader as yet, just putting out feelers for folks that want to see the content and can commit to one nite.
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Raiding list....Still waiting to get picked.

I've been trying to get on the OD raid for 3 weeks now. With no luck.I've worked as hard as the next guy to get my gear and virtues raid ready, and it stinks not to get picked. At first I it didn't bother me. I was new, unproven, and I figure I di...
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OME looking for skilled raiders!

Hello Kinnies! As many of you know we have been exploring and learning Ost Dunoth the newest 12 man raid at T2. We are making some great progress and we have realized that as the raids become more and more challenging.... it is necessary to put to...
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Help Guldur/Anna get Champ RIFT Cosmetics! Sunday 2 EST

Anna and myself are asking for help to get our last Rift Cosmetics. Between us we need the 6 gems, and I been trying to get the trophy for years now. Laynor has started running these to help people get these items, so Tolkien willing... we may be...
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Anniversary Trivia Challenge

Anniversary Trivia Challenge - Round 2: Question 1Gear up your Character and your PC during our 4th Anniversary Trivia Challenge! You could win a Tritton PC510 5.1 Analog Gaming Headset and LOTRO Swag!Starting Thursday April 28 through Sunday May ...
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Do we have a Star in our presence?

You decide! on the screen?I think so.
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Level 60 Gear

Hey Kinnies! :)My first toon, DrewTrooper, is fast approaching level 60, and has required reputation for many items for both the Galadhrim and Malledhrim. Being new to both the factions and their available items, I thought I'd ask my well-experien...
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Gear up Kat's warden!

DN raid is setup for the 8th! We don't have many raiding wardens so we wanna gear her up.. come out and help out a kinnie!
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Day 2 Sparring Results

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Raid: Helegrod

i am now able to raid Helegrod it appears, so I was wondering if the little guy (crazydef) can play with the big boys/gals and maybe have a raid on Saturday after the kin fights and before your Ost D Raid? like maybe 3 o'clock in the afternoon if...
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New Nieghborhoods in Bree

Three new Nieghborhoods finally opened up!I abandoned houses in other locs and got all three of my accounts houses in Branbroke if anyone would like to join me.
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Doc for the Kin of the Month

Seriously,He asked me what instrument I was using and said it wasn't good enough. Logged some toons, said oh shoot a couple times, and then logged his woodworker who didn't have the recipe and ran with me for about an hour and a half to get the re...
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Day 1 Sparring Results

Captains;Captbill (Champion)Champions;Vanysul(L)Orthelo(W)-------> Orthelo(L)---------> Orthelo(L)Guldur(W)--------> Guldur(W)--------------------------------------> Guldur(W)------------> Guldur (Champion)Eledrial(L)Tristanir(W)---...
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Happy St. Patties day!

Im surprised no one else has started a st. patties day thread. Well in honor of St. Patrick's day, I made myself a nice breakfast this morning and wanted to show it all to you. Before:After:Yea thats right. I made green pancakes. It's funny. I nev...
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