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Speak friend and enter!
Welcome to the Order of Middle Earth!

We are a large, casual kinship with a family feel. Our friends in the order are varied in playstyle and in-game interest. While we are a casual kin we do host weekly raids and a number of other events that appeal to players of all levels and class.

Our officers are friendly and knowledgeable and are always on hand to assist with questions and gameplay.

We are always seeking new friends to join our ranks, to rise up against the evil sweeping over Middle Earth! Will you join us on our journey?
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Time Zones & Shifts
We have a vast kin spread across the world. Events are generally organized into 3 different shifts - Day Shift (Green), Evening(Red), and Twilight(Black). You can check the timezone below to calibrate yourself to the different shifts. Note that the shift color is used on calendar event to help you quickly spot runs in your play time.